Splish Splash puddle jumping

A photo shoot with a little boy in Kendal in November – we could pretty much guarantee rain, or as you know, I like to call it liquid sunshine as one does have to smile and sunshine makes us smile right?

To be fair we did fairly well and mum and dad asked on the morning of the shoot if we could bring it forward an hour as the cloud formations were looking ‘interesting’ as in full of water waiting to fall heavily on our heads – not a problem at all. Both Mum and Dad came along and we also got some lovely family photographs ready for Christmas as clearly they would make fantastic presents for family.

‘There is no bad weather just bad clothes’ I had to look up the origins of this saying and it seems to have come form Sweden or Norway but is so true, we were all dressed appropriately for the conditions and obviously my prime concern on any outdoor photo shoot is my clients welfare! Little man was simply delighted to be ‘Splish Splashing’ in puddles wearing his Dinosaur wellies!

I hope you find these images fun and if you would like to book a photo-shoot for your little person please do not hesitate to get in touch, either by using the contact form and you can also ‘like’ Ian Wood Photography on Facebook. You can see all the information here with regards to the cost of a session and what to expect here.

As well as photographing children I also photograph many weddings, you can find some here on my blog and also on my website gallery here, I hope you click and I hope you enjoy 🙂

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A little bot splashes in a puddle in this black and white photograph. A black and white photograph of a little bot splashing in puddles. A little bot splashes through a puddle in his Dinosaur wells.


  • Robert - January 1, 2015 - 9:50 am

    Bless. I really love the photos, I so love your saying liquid sunshine, I just said to the wife to use that moto as she is always happy and it suits her to the ground,never the less you look to got some amazing photos regardless of the rain. Nice work.

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