2012 Lake District wedding and photography review.

I am Ian Wood I am a professional wedding photographer based in Kendal, Cumbria and the Lake District, I also photograph Babies, Children and families, I am a full time professional photographer. This blog post is the 2012 review of Lake District Wedding photography, with babies and families also featured.

2011 into 2012

It was around midnight, New Years eve, 2011 into 2012, at a friends house, myself and mates had been drinking beer, Rachy was pregnant so was our designated driver. I rolled a cigarette, I had smoked for 22 years, most of those years I smoked little roll ups or Marlboro Lights, mostly rollies though, in fact many people didn’t even know I smoked, I did though and with baby on the way it was time that I didn’t, I did used to enjoy my crafty fags, bloody cold outside in Winter though!

All the party guests were whooping and cheering at the fireworks our friends had put on at midnight and while I had noticed they were happening my mind really was on other things, I was really enjoying my last cigarette………………………

So that was that, I don’t think I told anyone that it was my last one, I just told myself it was, baby on the way it shouldn’t be a battle for me. We left 2011 arriving into 2012 with good friends. I didn’t realise quite how much of my lifetimes allocation of adrenaline I would use during 2012 though!

There have been many many, many highs this year and to be honest very few lows, which is just how we like it, lots of lovely weddings and I have mostly been in our local area, a couple of trips to photograph weddings in Cheshire but largely weddings in the Lake District this year which of course is wonderful as I do love to photograph weddings in the Lake District. I have photographed weddings in the sun and of course our special variant of wedding weather ‘Liquid Sunshine’, oh yes, I have had plenty of that! I will be honest that I do actually quite like photographing weddings in the rain, as long as the Bride and Groom are dry and warm then I am happy to get wet in order to ensure they have amazing images.

From tiny Lake District churches to civil services in licensed venues, premiership footballers, a colourful Indian wedding and lots of gorgeous white weddings this year has seen it all, all very individual, all wonderful days ‘at work’ for me, with happy people, brilliant families and so much love in the air, sounds cheesy but in reality it is true and its good!

2012 has also seen me get a couple of awards, some monthly image awards from the IPPN (International Professional Photographers Network) and one very, very special award and one that I am particularly proud of and that is the +1 Ambassador Award from the English Lakes Hotels group, this was awarded to me over lunch at the Low Wood Bay Resort. I am proud of this because, as far as I am aware,  I am the only wedding photographer that visits the English Lakes Group of hotels that has been given the award, it was awarded for excellent service to Low Wood Bay wedding clients.

In amongst my core business of wedding photography I adore photographing babies and children, as well as couples and dogs – oh and I was co-erced into photographing some cats this year which I really did enjoy, I do like cats but I am normally very allergic to them.

So lots of wonderful babies and children photographed from very freshly hatched new ones to older children entering their teens and parents using my 13| thirteen collection as a great birthday present. Of course 13 could be 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 really, all milestones, lots of couples and families making great memories for them to treasure for all time. Not so many dogs this year but all wonderful and I have included a small selection with the images at the end of this blog post.

Of course there always has to be lows and lots of us were very sad to say our final goodbyes to our friends father, Bruce ‘Captain Chaos’ Ellison, loved by many, many people and as a parting gift left an awful lot of us with a most epic hangover, you will be sorely missed in the motorcycle race paddocks around the world and by everybody that had the pleasure of meeting him. Cannonball will keep rolling my friend!

So lets get this party started, I have tried to keep the images included this year genre specific, they may or may not be any particular order within the genre though and trust me it has been very hard choosing what to include and image selection alone has taken over 12 hours, let alone re sizing and captioning, I will make no apology for the amount of shoes and obviously this is just a tiny selection of images and events taken / covered this year!


So, here we go My Motivation.

Sunday 29th of January 2012 was the Low Wood Wedding Show with Frothimoon (January 27th for 2013) it is actually the only wedding show I now attend and Rachel was helping out the Frothimoon girls by doing some wedding hair for the fashion show, while I exhibited my wedding photography to prospective couples. We had a great day and I met some fantastic people and took some great bookings. Everyone was really impressed with Rachy’s hair ‘ups’ and we came away happy.

Monday the 30th January – I won’t forget that date in a hurry, nor the words from our consultant following a semi-routine scan ‘Ambulance on the way, you will probably have the baby today’ – remember I had just given up smoking after 22 years, I was very, very tempted – hey, baby only 6 weeks early – shit!

Things moved pretty quickly and Freddie arrived with us at 17.47 on Friday 3rd February, a few different weights were banded around, mostly due to me being inept at translating metric to imperial, his official paperwork listed him as 3lb9ozs all was well though and just under 4 weeks later we had our little man home, his blog post is here.

A mother to be photographed at sunset

If memory serves this is Rachel at 34+2, this maternity portrait image taken at Sandside at sunset – surprised a Polar Bear is not visible it was that cold! A mother to be having her baby bump monitored.

2nd February, this was the day before Freddie was born and after a week of near constant monitoring, Rachy looks a radiant as ever, we were both very, very scared even though all stats were superb from ‘Baby’. A black and white image of Baby Freddie.

 At 17.47 on the 3rd February, Freddie Joseph was born by elected C-Section, a furry little bundle weighing 3lb9oz, he cried as soon as he was born and after being checked over he was taken, as expected to the Neo-Natal unit at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

Baby in an incubator in black and white.

Freddie showed early on he was a little fighter and would often clench his fist, visible here is the NGT (Nasal Gastric Tube) which just makes it easier to get food into him when Mum is resting, he became proficient at pulling them out!

Baby making eye contact from within an incubator.

I guess taking photographs was my way of coping when we were in the hospital and it was just so amazing to see this little boy developing almost in front of our eyes. Babies fingers holding tightly to his Mum

He looks like he has mummies hands, although they have fattened up a bit now!

A premature baby boy lies sleeping in his cot.

It wasn’t long before he was allowed out of his incubator to sleep in a heated cot, all the while still changing right in front of us! Baby boy swaddled in a towel following his first bath.

I wouldn’t say he particularly enjoyed his first bath but we enjoyed giving it as it is a huge honour for a ‘preemie’ to get a bath as it means they are strong enough to maintain their own body temperature and in this case nearly ready for home.
A mother with copper hair kisses baby boy on the cheek.

“Would you like to take him home” said Dr Cade – I can tell you right now those words make you cry – Freddie is now 11-ish months old and I will save the majority of his photographs for a ‘First Birthday’ blog post at the end of January / early February.



So, my main business is weddings, I have hopefully now sorted these into a ‘wedding day’ just with different weddings, so a chronological wedding day, just different weddings making up the day. I hope it works and I will caption below where required.

A view of the Lakeside Hotel in black and white, taken from Gummer

This is the Lakeside Hotel on the morning of the wedding, taken en-route from my home in Kendal. Wedding photographs at the Lakeside are great, with the piers, Lakes and gardens to use. A view of the Langdale

A scene looking out over Windermere into the Langdale Pikes from a room in the Low Wood while the bridal party were getting ready. Imagine this as the backdrop of your wedding photographs at the Low Wood Bay. Low Wood Bay, in black and white taken from Windermere.

Views back to the Low Wood bay from a boat during a trip out for the guests at a wedding at the Low Wood. A view of the Langdale valley from the Low Wood Bay.

Another day at the Low Wood and although difficult to see in this images across the middle are a flock of Canada Geese in formation flying towards us.

A cat is fascinated by the camera during wedding preparations.

This little cat seemed to be fascinated by the camera lens while the bride has her make up applied in the back of the image.
A Bride has her wedding make-up applied for her wedding in Kendal.

Hair ready for the next stage, eyes being applied! Wedding shoes waiting next to wedding gown.

Two pairs of shoes at this wedding, eeeeeny, meeeeeeny, miney mo! Wedding make up.

A fabulous palette of colour, these wedding make-up artists really know their stuff and it is always great to watch them work. Bride putting on her wedding shoes at the Burnside Hotel.

Decision made and the darker shoes made the wedding!
Wedding shoes at a Lake District Wedding.

I quite like symmetry and I think I have come close to perfect with this pair of Jimmy Choo’s. Louboutin wedding shoes.

Same applies, only this time my love of symmetry is practiced on a pair of Christian Louboutin wedding shoes. A Bride looks at her wedding make-up in Kendal.

Checking out the hair and make-up – Rachy had done Lisa’s hair, so of course it was awesome! A bride looks forward to her wedding.

A reflective moment, all ready to depart for church, totally un-obtrusive on my part and shot from a distance on a longer lens.
A wedding gown by Jenny Packham at this wedding at the Netherwood Hotel.

A gorgeous Jenny Packham wedding gown and that knot just fascinated me, I still don’t know how the bridesmaid did it, it was executed with total precision though and at the speed of a magician! Bride getting ready at the Lakeside Hotel.

A dark art, taught at bridal shop fitting school, it is not a staged shot and as such sometimes hands can get in the way, it is a case of experience knowing what is coming next, anticipation and working with the light given – I like this shot a lot!
A bride applies her make-up for her wedding in Hale Barns, Cheshire.

Again another long lens shot, our Bride here, Lauren applied her own make-up on her wedding day, as such I had the opportunity to capture her reflection in the mirror. A barometer shows fine weather for a LAke District wedding.

A good barometer reading for a wedding day, I have seen them damn near spinning in the past! Bridal preparations at the Low Wood Hotel.

Another lace back dress, almost complete in this image and very neat I must say, this is my cue to get moving, either to the church, or the room where the service will be taking place. A glass of champagne on the morning of a wedding.

I rarely experience bridal preparations without a little fizz being shared out, I am often offered, always have to decline, no drinking on the job for me.
Gift card from a groom to his bride on the wedding morning.

Top tip to future grooms – do this, send a some flowers, with a note to your Bride, it goes down really very well! Wedding gown fastened by Brides mother.

Loosely laced, almost ready for ‘Breath in’ as mother secures 😉
Documentary style photograph at the Merewood Hotel.

Right place, right time – thats my job on a wedding day really, like this wedding photograph at the Merewood Hotel, some photographers class themselves as ‘Documentary wedding photographer’ or ‘Wedding Photo-journalist’ I try not to pigeon hole myself to any genre really although this does firmly fit within ‘Documentary wedding photography’ !
A Bride has the final touches applied at here Merewood Hotel wedding in the Lake District.

As above, this was a wonderful day and the girls just forgot I was there, loads of excitement and a little bit of discussion, proper craic from this Irish bridal party. A mother puts the finishing touches to her daughters dress on her wedding day.

Blunt ended scissors often come out on the morning of a wedding to ensure the hanging ribbons don’t rub.

Indian wedding bridal preparations.

Special, special times.
Final Touches.

Almost ready, Mum makes the final touches to her daughters dress – I am really honoured to be party to this kind of interaction between families.

A bride is ready to meet her Groom.All set, Lisa shows her bridal party, I see the reflection, with such wonderful light and an image is made.
Beautiful Indian Wedding in Kendal.

Ready to go, such an amazing traditional Indian wedding outfit, so much love – what a wonderful day waiting for Meera! A wedding invite to Roundthorn Country House wedding.

Just that really! A gift card from groom to bride on her wedding day.

Earlier in this blog post was an envelope that had contained a card that had come with the flowers, from Groom to Bride – here is another one, I think the card says more than I ever could! Kneeling

OK, we all know that this is a Rolls Royce, its different though and it is all down to the ‘Lady’, she is known as the ‘spirit of ecstasy’ but the lady on the front of this car is different and rare – making it extra special – leave a comment if you know why!

Rolls Royce Wedding car on the way to wedding reception from church.

Rolling, I love to tell a story and the journey between wedding and reception is part of that story, lots of research goes into each wedding and a chat with the chauffeur established the route he would take, I just sat and waited, I think an image like this adds a extra piece of narrative to the story. A groom awaits his bride at the Netherwood Hotel, Grange over Sands.

Of course not forgetting some cool Groom shoes, with these beauties by Jeffery West. Here he is greeting guests arriving at The Netherwood Hotel in Grange-over-Sands for his wedding.
A father escorts his Bride up the church path to here wedding at Jesus Church, Troutbeck.

Dad and Daughter, nothing more to say a very, very special and proud moment.

Baraat up the drive at the Castle Green Hotel, Kendal. Indian Baraat at the Castle Green Hotel Kendal.

This is Patrick’s Baraat, up the drive at the Castle Green in Kendal, it was just simply amazing to be a part of such a colourful display – oh and the music was stunning! Beautiful wedding flowers for an Indian wedding at the Castle Green hotel in Kendal.

Claire from Flowers by Arrangement in Kendal made the event even more colourful, I have never seen as many flowers at a wedding, so so colourful and I know from chatting with Claire that she loved every second of preparing the flowers, garlands, table centres and decorating the rooms and Mandap, it was a big floral installation, executed with precision and pride!

Some very beautiful order of service, produced for the Bride and Groom in India, I am very proud to have one added to my collection (I try to keep one from every wedding)

A beautiful church wedding at Crosscrake.

In a church I have a very, very simple approach to photographing a wedding, I stay at the very back, with a long lens, out of the way, no distraction to any body and out of the way of the congregation, I reckon the story is told well from this position! A bride and groom during their service at the Roundthorn Country house, Eden Valley.

Same applies with civil services………………. Father David Duane - legend!

Although when you photograph a wedding with the legend that is Father Duane he pretty much tells you to be everywhere, take photographs from every angle, every second – keep going, enjoy it my friend, he really is a legend and I think this image sums him up nicely – four candles? A bride and groom look at each other while the congregation sing hymns.

A little bit of hymn singing and I would love to know what our Bride was whispering to her Groom?

Beautiful wedding in Grasmere,

Beautiful day, Our Lady of the Wayside, Grasmere. English Lake District – soundtrack provided by the RAF and visiting USAF F-15s…………….

 An RAF Typhoon taken during the Bridal preps from the Merewood Hotel! (Many thanks to Mark Tyson for identifying the aircraft as being from 3 Squadron).

Moments in time, priceless moments, you the viewer don’t know who the couple are, they do though and within the story this image fits, to be passed down generations, history, right there!

Wedding at Jesus Church, Troutbeck.

Yes – these two are utterly crackers (in the nicest possible way) and you will see a bit more of them later in this post, a very fun day, this is at Jesus Church, Troutbeck. Confetti photograph of Bride and Groom at Roundthorn Country House.

It is not every wedding when you can actually have any confetti these days, many allow it – outside of their grounds, making shots like this increasingly difficult to achieve wonderful when the chance arises though! A bride and groom come back up the isle.

That just there is an image of two bloody happy people and all the while I am looking through the viewfinder I am smiling, I went to school with the groom and have known his Bride for many years so to see this moment is brilliant – look a them, that is happy! Beautiful lilies in a wedding bouquet at a Lake District Wedding.

Bride and Groom at Our Lady of the Wayside church, Grasmere, English Lake District.

A little bit more confetti, bio-degradable of course! St Marys Ambleside wedding photographs.

Just magic and amongst the contenders for my favourite wedding image of the the year.
Wedding car leaving Jesus Church Troutbeck.

I have encountered this vehicle at numerous weddings this year, damn right – its is shear class, always so well turned out and with such a polite driver, from  Cars of Distinction Cumbria.

Just some flowers that I thought were very nice – these were in the borders at the Castle Green Hotel, Kendal.
Rolls Royce with pink wedding ribbon.

Now, compare this lady, with the one previous, spot the difference and comment below!

Wedding photograph in the grounds of the Roundthorn Country House Hotel.

Earlier in the post I mentioned things such as ‘documentary wedding photography’ and wedding photojournalism, those terms refer to images captured without intervention from the photographer – clearly I do stage manage some images, it bloody works though, especially when it nets gorgeous images like this! I was so pleased it was sunny for Lisa and Stuart’s wedding as they actually got engaged in Australia, where unlike Cumbria it is often sunny :). Stuart proposed on the top of Sydney Harbour bridge after Lisa won the ITV Daybreak Down under trip that was accompanied by Kate Garraway, I guess they kind of had the Honeymoon before the wedding!

I don’t think the clenched fist was aimed at me, I just saw a rock and photographed it, ‘it caught my eye’!

Bride and Groom in the rain at the Lodore Falls hotel in the drain.

Ok, you may have read about ‘Liquid Sunshine’ on this blog before – yeah, well there was quite a lot of it on this day at the Lodore Falls hotel on Derwent Water – no direction possible, at all, due to the noise of the falls, incredible but our bride and groom were determined to have photographs by the falls – I agreed they should, so wellies on, suit jacket swapped for my North Face coat, a couple of freezer bags for the flash units and off we went!

Liquid Sunshine at the Lodore Falls hotel wedding.

Great couple, great family and a great little wedding at the Lodore Falls. I look forward to taking more Wedding photographs at the Lodore Falls hotel soon. Bride and Groom on the jetty at their wedding. Images taken at the Lakeside hotel.

These two, well – they were fabulous, loads of old friends from my previous career, superb service from the staff at the Lakeside hotel and some good old Cumbrian spirit helping out Clare on her mission to get Ben a Ferrari for his wedding day, she did better than that, she got a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a rather fruity Porsche, a great day out. Bride and Groom photographs.

Lots and lots of love. Wedding photograph in the rain at the Low Wood Bay Resort.

Sometimes, just sometimes it rains in the Lake District – Ok, it rains a lot. Liquid Sunshine is only as wet as you think it is, if you think you are dry then as if by magic, you are – hey a parasol solves everything and I am always looking for something different from a venue I scoped out this area out side the Low Wood Bay, while we did also do the ‘Classic’ jetty shot I loved the backdrop from this angle, a stormy sky just adds to it. A bride and groom embrace in the grounds of the Low Wood Hotel, Windermere.

Using the same area as the image above I went a little bit Hollywood with the lighting, while only using one additional light source, I can work very fast, from a distance and let the couple just be them selves.

A bride and groom pause for a photograph during their wedding.

Marc and Lauren were lovely and due to the weather this image was made directly outside the marquee, under a tree, a kind guest was holding a flashlight camera left for me.
Beautiful wedding photograph taken at the Merewood country house hotel.

A really, bright day with little shade near the hotel, so planning ahead I liaised with the Bride and Groom and their driver to stop at the bottom of the Merewood hotel drive to take advantage of the shade and also the beautiful backlit, lush greens of the trees, they were also very chilled.
A bride and groom have their wedding photographs taken by  Windermere LAkeshore.

I got wet feet for this one, hey I don’t mind wet feet for a lovely image. A bride and groom approach a white ferrari wedding cart at the Lakeside hotel.

Your carriage awaits sir.

A black and white image taken on the drive of the Merewood hotel.

I am a massive fan of black and white, I love this image. Indian wedding at the Castle Green Hotel Kendal.

Such great interaction between the couple, so colourful, yep, love it!
A beautiful wedding at the Castle Green Hotel, Kendal.

Same applies- good times!
A Female wedding guests enjoy a drink and a chat at a wedding at the Roundthorn House hotel.

You will have seen some of these ladies in a shot back ^^^up there^^^ stood in the porch at the Roundthorn Country house, near Penrith, a wonderful venue looking down the Eden valley. A guest snaps an image on her iPhone of the Bride and Groom.

As a wedding photographer it can be a little frustrating looking around and seeing a vast majority of guests ‘watching’ the event from behind a screen in a race to be the first on Facebook (I once had my phone vibrate letting me know I had been tagged on Facebook, in church before the Bride had even arrived!) sometimes it can make a nice photograph though!

Final Draft of the wedding speech at the the Lakeside Hotel.

During 2012 I have heard some epic speeches, not all Best Man, Mother of the Bride, Father of the groom – honestly there are no rules, all from the heart and each story is great to hear, often emotional always entertaining!
A father and his son with matching shoes.

Dad and lad – just cute. I could leave it at that but the amount of work that went into finding shoes that matched was quite a task, so totally worth it!

A young boy tries to burst a balloon with a fork at his parents wedding.

Yeah – I think you know what is happening here, wonderful!

A boy hides behind his hands in this black and white photograph taken at a wedding at the The Burnside Hotel.

Somebody got a little camera shy!

A brides father laughs and jokes at the jokes and music of the musician.

No need for an explanation, just great times!

A black and white image of a first dance at Roundthorn House wedding.

First dance and happy Bride! Bride in wheelchair and Rachel Heyworth

I was actually a guest at this wedding, I took one camera, one lens and it stayed in the car until the hired photographer had left, I really like this image! Groom sings during the evening reception of his own wedding.

This is Rob, Rob is the groom at this wedding, also took to the stage for a set – it was rather good! Backlit wedding first dance photograph. Backlit wedding photograph.

I always try and add in some backlit first dance shots, clearly lots of things need to come together to make it work well and there is only a small window to get it with most first dance songs being around the 2.30-3 minute mark, most don’t last this long though before the guests join in, so planning ahead always pays dividends! While I always try to ensure they work as a standalone image, it is a great end to the day as far as a wedding album goes!


Children, Babies, families and couples.

I am going to say very little about these baby images, I think they speak for them selves!

Baby taking first aided steps.

Such concentration. Black and white baby photographs.

Just adorable. A baby photograph in black and white

This little guy was great, hey a bit of dribble remains but that is what babies do, we also got lots of images without dribble! Baby feet cradled by babies mother.

Baby feet, so cute and a very popular image request. Beautiful baby boy in this black and white photograph.

It really is all about the eyes, I work on location without portable backdrops so use what is available to me, much as I do at a wedding, this ensures unique photographs every time. Black and white baby photograph in Kendal.This is one of Freddie’s little mates – what a character, look at that cheeky smile – wonderful, I look forward to seeing him at his Mum and Dad’s wedding in 2013. Beautiful Black and white photograph of little boy.

I am delighted to be able to catch up with this little guy again in 2013 as well at his Mum and Dad’s wedding, lovely little lad and was so well behaved. Black and white baby photograph by Ian Wood Photography.

I obviously try not to startle my subjects, she was fascinated at the noises I was making to attract her attention – I love this image. Black and white photograph of beautiful baby.

Not 100% sure, made me smile though as it looks like she is taking it herself! Beautiful baby smelling a daisy.

You just know what happened moments later………………….luckily he didn’t get to actually eat the daisy!

Black and white photograph of a baby on a daisy lawn.

Much to his disappointment! Little boy splashing in a puddle.

Wherever possible weather will not cause a cancellation, of course if the parents want to postpone that that is absolutely fine as the last thing I want is cold children, so dressed appropriately we can have awesome fun in bad weather! Little boy splashing in puddles in the rain. Little boy splashes in puddles while the rain continues to fall.

Splashing, is very good fun it seems, don’t worry, Mummy and Daddy are just out of shot!

A little boy blowing Dandelion parachutes.

Little boys and Dandelion parachutes, can’t fail to amuse and most certainly makes beautiful images.

Beautiful little girl photographed in black and white by Ian Wood.

What a cutie!
Bradley Perie future world champion.

Bradley is a great kid, and also crowned 2012 Aprilia Nitro champion, I look forward to following his racing career, he will go far and I was pleased to support him in a small way by helping out with the PR images for his sponsor packs for the 2013 series.
Birthday present of a photo-shoot for this 13 year old girl. Given the gift of photography for her birthday. A black and white portrait for thirteenth birthday present.

A 13th Birthday present, loads of time, loads of changes and a great variety of images for this young lady. 13 is a big deal in a child’s/teen/young man/woman’s life, a massive milestone and the 13|thirteen product from Ian Wood Photography is a great gift!

Family and children photography on the Fylde Coast by Ian Wood

Another image I love, I photographed these little guys last year as well, great to see how they have grown, wonderful kids! A family photograph taken on a lovely path in Kendal.I don’t do serious, it is all about having fun, I am sure Jonty got crowned when the girls saw this one, I love it though and it is perfect, great family, personality in bundles, showing through – job done! A family walk away from the camera over looking Kendal town or the Auld Gray Town

You will have seen these guys earlier in the post – a family outing overlooking the town on a hot Summer’s day 🙂 Little boy in the middle is the fork wielding, balloon bursting Max!
An engaged couple photographed in black and white, on the banks of a river in South Cumbria and the Lake District.

A pre-wedding shoot with J and Sarah, sat by the river, no forced smiles just a great day out. A walk along the canal and under Farleton know for this engaged couple.

I very nearly stood in poo while taking this one, disaster was averted though and a lovely image showing the area where our Bride grew up on a lovely day. A beautiful image of an engaged couple in Cumbria and the Lake District.

This was part of a pre-wedding / engagement shoot another sunny day in the Lakes, images from the pre-wedding or engagement shoot go on to make the signature board. A signature board is brought to the wedding for guests to sign, much like a guest book, except it then goes on to be framed and looks great in the house and of course the frame can be changed with the decor of the house A beautiful image of a young couple in love by Ian Wood Photography.

A lovely young couple, Chloe bought the shoot for Valentines and I took the call while in the Neo-Natal unit with Rachel and baby Freddie! A black and white photograph of a young lady taken in the Lake District.

I also did some individual portraits for these guys during the shoot, we had a lot of fun. Negative space used in an image of a couple in love.

Sometimes I will leave loads of negative space in an image, I love how it works in this image.

Engagement photographs for Lake District weddings.

Another Pre-Wedding shoot, a great day out, over the border in Yorkshire! An engaged couple have beautiful portraits taken.

Yet another engagement, this was in Kendal and a really bright sunny day A girl gets serenaded by her husband to be, overlooking Lake Windermere.

Rob brought along his guitar to his pre-wedding shoot and treated us to a couple of songs, you will have seen this guy as the last in the wedding gallery above – where he ‘headlined’ at his own wedding, superb!


Other stuff.

Image of the certificate awarded to Ian Wood for excellent service given to wedding clients of the Low Wood Bay.

+1 Award winner, Ian wood for English Lakes Hotels.

It was great to receive my award from the lovely folks at the Low Wood Bay on behalf of English Lakes Hotels a great lunch as well, you can read the blog all about it here. A real honour to be recognised for my work with the clients of the group – for something I do anyway! If you are ever passing the Low Wood Bay hotel, you really, really must stop for a Low Wood Burger 🙂 A photo-shootfor James Ellison

James, James, James – above are James Ellison and the image below is Sarah his wife, James is rather fast on a racing motorbike and this was a quick shoot to get some images for James’ clothing line for the 2012 MotoGP series. I am delighted that James is back from the world stage to the best domestic series in the world the British Superbike Championship riding for a team he has ridden with very successfully before Shaun Muir Racing with the Milwaukee Yamaha. Hopefully I will be able to get trackside again to capture some images. A model poses for a photograph by Kendal photographer Ian Wood.

This is Loren, she won a competition to have her hair and make-up done followed by a photo-shoot, it didn’t all go to plan with dates and times but the images were lovely. Patrick Cameron styles models long hair at Kendal College. Patrick Cameron at Kendal College.

For nearly 12 years I worked for a little company called Wella and I still keep in touch with some of my old colleagues, as the man on the ground locally it was a pleasure to help out the guys by putting them onto to Chris at Balance Pro Audio for the PA and lighting at for the Patrick Cameron event at Kendal College. Patrick is a legend amongst hairdressers and he is known worldwide for his training of long hair dressing. Long hair dressing is otherwise known as ‘Hair Ups’ ‘Party Hair’ and of course with me being a wedding photographer ‘Wedding Hair. Rachel was delighted to be asked to model for Patrick which also meant she worked alongside him preparing some of the other models on the morning of the event. Suffice to say she was very pleased with the new knowledge and to have extracted all of Patrick’s secrets! So you know where to go for your wedding hair now, here is Rachel’s Facebook page. LEJOG in aid of Leed

This is a photograph I am quite proud of, proud because of the chaps in it and of the little girl who is being cradled by her father, that little girl is Poppy and the boys are friends of her Mum and Dad, they planned, trained and rode from Lands End to John O’Groats. All of this was in aid of the Leed’s Children’s hospital, I refer back to the original blog post here I wrote the original blog on the 6th August and the figure raised at the time was £2975.00 – I am delighted to say that while researching this blog post the figure is now £14,771 on the Just Giving page HERE and overall the figure I understand is in excess of £17,000 – that to me is passion and commitment from great friends and I am delighted for them. Ben Barden’s video short is also very cool using the slow motion speciality feature of the Sony FS700.


Dogs (and a couple of Cats!)

A black and white photograph of a Dalmation by Kendal photographer Ian Wood Photography

What a beauty – this gorgeous girl was the family pet at a baby shoot  did earlier in the year, she wanted to get involved, so with a bit of doggy whispering an image was made.

A Jack Russell portrait.

This little girl was taken at a family shoot and of course she is part of the family! A collie dog has its portraits taken in Lakeland.

An alert Collie, who would have thought, haha – what a good girl she was. Whippet has its photograph taken by Ian Wood.

Dennis, Dennis the whippet belonged to some good friends of ours and I got a call while I was on the way to a wedding that my services were required. Bright and early the next morning I met our friends and Dennis, we took some beautiful photographs that will serve as a great memory of him. Sadly Dennis fell asleep later that day.

Hound trailing, at the 2011 Kendal Mountain Festival, over a beer a plan was hatched by Rin Columbi, Ben Barden and Abby Columbi to make a short film for the 2012 Kendal Mountain Festival. It was to follow a Puppy Hound in its first season of Hound Trailing. At this point I will point out that hound trailing is a NON-bloodsport and is native to the Lake District and Cumbria. Hounds follow a scented trail around the fells for up to ten miles, completely un-accompanied – they love it!
I was asked to pop along and do some background stills, so just a record of the guys doing the filming and some general still images of the hounds trailing. It was great to meet everyone and I was delighted for the guys with the success of the film.

Capetown went on to win its category at the Kendal Mountain Festival, to the raptious applause of everyone in the auditorium at the awards night, you can visit the website and buy the DVD here.

Cats, just the two as a commission but I did really enjoy photographing them, I didn’t get a allergic reaction as I thought I would, mind you that was probably more to do with the dose of anti-hystamine I took. I do think I will offer it as a service for 2013 because the results were stunning, all taken in the clients home.

A black and white photograph of Murphy the Spaniel.

A late addition to this post (Christmas Day) is Murphy the working Spaniel. It was a shoot that was a long time in the making as it was to be a gift to the dogs owner and he kept foiling our attempts at getting the shoot organised, when the time finally came Murphy was such a wonderful subject and absolutely gorgeous dog, its always a pleasure to work with a Gundog and this was no exception. Shoot done, edited and product ordered on the same day as I knew it would be touch and go to get it back before Christmas – well my suppliers came good and I received delivery on Christmas Eve, I un-wrapped, re-wrapped and delivered. It was wonderful to see Murphy’s owner, Adam post a picture up on Facebook on Christmas day of the image already hung on the wall.

I love to see my work loved and displayed for all to see. Brilliant!


That was 2012.

So there you have it, that was 2012, in a few photographs and a bit of a story, sadly I couldn’t include everyone and everything but hopefully it gives you a good idea of the style and consistency of the work I do, from weddings to pets.

2013 is looking like a great year with weddings all over the UK and my first real destination wedding in Portugal which I am really, really looking forward to (it better not bloody rain), that is about it now for 2012, I am going to have a wind down and chill out with the family and Freddie’s first Christmas, I will be hitting the ground running in 2013 with my first wedding of the year on the 3rd January.

If you have got this far than you really do need a medal, I hope you have enjoyed seeing a snapshot of my year in words and of course photographs. I have really enjoyed writing this photography annual review and would love you to click the ‘Like’ button and feel free to share with your friends. You can follow on Facebook here of course I would be delighted if you left a comment as well!


If you would like to chat about your wedding, or photographs of your children and family – please do not hesitate to get in touch for a chat!


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  • Simon - December 23, 2012 - 1:56 pm

    Fantastic write up Ian …. and a few not bad pictures 🙂

  • Elli - December 24, 2012 - 9:04 am

    Wow Ian what a year! The photos of your son are beautiful, so precious. I especially love your wedding and couples work, very intimate and the detail shots make me feel that I was there in person.
    Can’t wait to see what you do in 2013!

  • John - December 25, 2012 - 10:09 pm

    Stunning images and incredible use of your surroundings Ian.

    As for the Spirit of Ecstasy the kneeling one was use for only a short time and not many of them are about some say it was used to comemorate the fallen of WW2 but was used prior to WW2.

  • admin - December 25, 2012 - 10:13 pm

    Thank you for the very kind comments John and thank you for taking the time. I heard, I think the same story from the driver of the car, I will try and dig a bit deeper when I get some time!

  • David Walkerdine - December 27, 2012 - 11:59 am

    Wow Ian, what a fantastic year you have had and some fantastic images that you have captured. They are stunning as always.

    The kneeling spirit of ecstacy was introduced in 1936 so it seem unlikely that they were in memory of the war dead. They were only used for a couple of years.

    Best wishes for 2013!


  • Lester Goddard - December 28, 2012 - 12:45 pm

    Well done Ian. Great to see “non stereo type” shots.

    Hope to work again with you sometime in 2013.

    Best Wishes


  • admin - December 31, 2012 - 5:07 pm

    Thank you David, that clears it up very well – I seem to remember your Mr Walkerdine Senior was a Rolls Royce buff! Once again thank you for your very kind words with regard to my work.

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