51st Percy Duff Barbon Speed Hillclimb

Sometimes I just have to leave a weekend free of Weddings if I can, I have been a visitor to Barbon Speed Hillclimb since the age of 1 when my Mum and Dad used to take me and I now photograph the event whenever I can. Run by the Westmorland Motor Club it has a very rich history and was formed all the way back in 1910, when it was first called the Westmorland Motorcycle club.

It is a fantastic family event, dare I say Grass Roots racing where the racing paddock is in a sheep field on a slope and the racing track is the 890 yard long drive up to Barbon Manor and in the words of commentator Andrew Forsyth, always shows “the evidence of farm animals” !

Competitors range from ex-world championship riders to current stars of the Super-Moto world, all the way down to riders who just fancy having a go, obtaining a ‘day licence’ and using their own road bikes, it really is an amazing field of riders and experience. I got talking to one chap on a Velocette, his father took it to 3 national championship wins, his dad’s mate also won 3 national championships, it was then passed down and in the 70’s this gentleman won 3 national championships – bearing in mind that the 70’s were nearly 40 years ago gives you an insight into the bikes age, just wonderful!

Sadly I could only stay for the morning but made the most of it, helping the organisers first thing and then a full photographic accent to the summit, starting at the first corner (Crabtree ) via the second corner (Richmond) and finishing up at the Lafone Hairpin and finish line, great crowd, great weather and as always a great event.

A big well done to all the riders, especially the terrified first timers that rode really well and enjoyed the experience, i’m pretty sure they will all be back next year.

Fastest time of the day was set by SHR SuperMoto star Matt Winstanley with a new motorcycle course record of 25.28 seconds!

There is of course a relationship for me with my Wedding photography, its always useful to take photographs and ensure that one is ready for every eventuality and motorsport is one of the ways I keep fresh, balancing the shutter speed of a vehicle closing on you fast, ensuring the shutter speed is fast enough to freeze and keep sharp the rider, yet also slow enough to ensure there is ‘blur’ in the wheels so it does not look like the bike and rider have just been placed there. Sure you don’t see many things at Weddings as fast as racing mortorcycles but it does no harm to have the disciplines in place.

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