2010 Lake District Wedding and Photography review.

So, where do I begin….

I guess January, ummm but if I did that would blow the plan I have had for this Blog post right out of the window, perhaps listing it by month would work, like a calender but I find calenders pretty boring, that may also restrict me to 12 images so…..

What I think I will do is show some images, there will be plenty and I will explain a little bit about how the images came to be. Some of them will have been seen before if you visit my website, blog or Facebook page. Others will be shown here for the first time.

It has been an amazing year for me in many ways, I have made some massive, life changing decisions, seen some inspirational speakers, been on courses and networked with some of the industries best. My customers have been brilliant and I have shed many a happy tear at every Wedding I have have photographed but nothing new there !

I have photographed Weddings throughout the Lake District and also expanded into South Manchester and Cheshire. I have done some wonderful baby and children shoots and these to me are just as much fun as Weddings, all the kids can do as they please and I photograph them, just being kids. This has resulted in some magnificent large frames that transform the home and melts the hearts of all that see them !

2010 also saw me spend three days with the 2nd Battalian of The Parachute Regiment on a ( CALFEX) Combined Arms Live Fire EXercise on a closed military range in the North East of England – this came about after my Wedding work was seen and I was asked if it would be possible to replicate the style to show the human element of the Military. It was an amazing three days, it really was and it was truly an honour to be a part of their lives for a short time. I have massive respect for them, they work so hard under such extreme conditions.

One more Wedding to go in 2010 but I will Blog that on its own to give it the coverage it deserves.

2011 holds some exciting challenges for Ian Wood Photography and sees me back to Manchester a few times, over to Yorkshire and of course my beloved Lake District for Weddings, many other exciting things happening, right now, its is good being me !

Below you will find a selection of images, starting with Weddings, then kids and fashion / portrait and ending with some of the images taken during my time with the Paras.

I do hope you enjoy and please feel free to click the buttons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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This image was captured just after we had finished taking the Bride and Groom portraits, Jenny turned around and was suddenly backlit, a quick change of settings and a punch of flash from the front resulted in this angelic image.

Billy and Diane were married at the Armathwaite Hall and as you can see it has a pretty special outlook, looking South down Bassenthwaite, again a little punch of flash really brought another dimension to this image and allowed the beautiful exposure of the background.
Ivan and Emily got married at the stunning church at boot, their reception was only about 5 miles from Wasdale so it would have been rude not to nip up there for the pictures, I am sure you will agree its a pretty special location ! Sometimes, just slowing the shutter down on the camera can give a real sense of movement on the dancefloor, you really have to know what you are doing though as there is a very fine line between a blurred out of focus image and one that has deliberate blur – take a look at the guy on the right, really busting some moves 🙂 As you may have noticed these images are in no particular order, here is Ivan and Emily again, with Matt holding the light we used for the Bride and Groom shots, also the driver of the car, his name escapes me right now – everybody happy, thats what I like ! I love this image, taken as the Bride and Groom were coming into the reception, Emma had put an awful lot of thought into the details of the day and it was great to capture some of those details in this image, lots of hearts hung from the tree, just lovely. Now thats a rock  ! I love the room keys at Armathwaite Hall, a bugger to fit your pocket though I guess, attention to detail 10/10 ! This image was taken at the rehearsal for Ivan and Emily’s Wedding which took place the night before the Wedding. Josef has not been on his feet long and it was a real adventure for him, what a cutie ! An image not dissimilar to the one above, looking down the aisle but this time is was the family Airedale Terrier. Now I love dogs and I just had to get this shot, my face was sore by the end of the ceremony trying to attract the dogs attention with high pitched little whistles ! This image also features on COOL! a gallery of the Worlds COOLest Wedding Photography. What can I say about this image. A little boy at a Wedding, in the rain in his own little world, I don’t know why but it reminds me of Michael Jackson. It also shows that as a Wedding photographer you need to be everywhere and that includes being out in the rain ! I hope that in years to come Flynn sees this image and smiles at the love and fun of his parents Wedding Day, such a happy little soul and totally doted upon by everyone – I reckon this image sums up a Wedding morning in the Brides suite, total chaos but total fun ! Lost in a moment, I saw the light coming from the subjects right hand side and had to use it, I added some  light from my end, enough to expose the subject but not so much as to lose the shadows coming my way from the sun resulted in this backlit image. Shame the glasses were dirty ! Kids at Weddings always result in fun images, especially when there were so many pageboys and a fibreglass sheep ! Anticipation is also a key part of being a Wedding photographer, if you can anticipate and react to situations fast you can get results like this – flower girls, Ice Cream and lots of room to run around. This is amongst my favourites of the year. At this Wedding logistics meant I was offered a ride in the Wedding car, while the Bride and Groom were in the back I took this image out of the front, just a very different take on Wedding Photography. I love this image, Yvonne and Steven looking toward me with the backdrop of the Kent Estuary and the Lake District beyond. A bride on a swing – fun, fun, fun ! A very special moment in time, preparing to give his daughter away, I am honoured to share moments like this with my clients.
All set and ready to get married – I just adore the effect from the wall light behind Emma’s head, I think it creates a really nice subtle aura 🙂 Now thats what its all about, getting married, outside in the Lake District, we were blessed with a gorgeous day, great Bride and Groom and jaw dropping landscapes. Original Aston Martin, owned by the family – perfect Wedding day transport. Confetti, woooohooooo – such stunning light at this Wedding. Chris and Chloe were so lovely and didn’t let a bit ( alot ) of Liquid Sunshine dampen their day. I try and capture the emotion of the day, without it being forced – clearly their delight is in no way forced ! Ohh, a bit of Rose 🙂 Delight and surprise, another gorgeous moment captured. Wandering back down to the Wedding reception in the wonderful Langdale Valley and Dungeon Ghyll. Whats that then – intrigue at the lip gloss. I always love a live band at a Wedding, lots of opportunity to get creative with the instruments and colours. Another image of Ivan and Emily in the Wasdale Valley, I really need to spend some more time up there – I really am lucky to live here in the Lake District and have the opportunity to photograph Lake District Weddings. OK, Champagne, I think this makes such a great picture, showing the emotion and excitement of the Wedding Day, as a photographer it is quite a challenging image to take as once its open, well you know the rest ! Eye contact isn’t always necessary for striking images of a Bride and Groom, I think this image sums up a moment of happy reflection on the Wedding Day. I have had more than my fair share of Liquid Sunshine this year. Jenny and Paul’s Wedding in Didsbury was wet, vey wet and I got extremely wet but hey its not about me. I actually love the light on wet days, especially in Summer. Really diffused and if you can find cover then it helps make some wonderful images. I was under a Yew tree when I took this ( You learn that Yew trees afford great wet weather cover when at Weddings ! ) You will have seen a similar image to this further up the post, I just loved the light. That is all 🙂 Great, keep those shoes dry ! I just loved the way Susan’s Wedding dress flowed – in fact I have just noticed I have put the wrong photo up here ( Foot on the right hand side ) but hey, I will leave it here. What I was going to say is that I used a very creative Depth of Field in order to blur the background and capture the rich lush green of the grass and the sun just glinting and illuminating the dress. Proper image is nearly identical but without the foot 🙂

Another Wedding and another live band, earlier in the blog post you will have read about slow shutter speeds to give ‘creative’ blur on the dancefloor, well using the same technique here I have captured the drumsticks doing their stuff. This was taken handheld so no tripod for me ! I love the way the light has interacted with the movement, this is what initially attracted me to this shot, I then had to suss out how to capture it !

A Rolls Royce, a Bride and Groom and the Lake District – happy days ! Our Groom and his groomsmen – I like to ensure that the images I take aren’t too formal and I positively encourage a bit of dicking around ! Now, I don’t know how old this organist was but ‘quite’ would be an appropriate word, in the right of the picture, just in front of the organists head you can see the start of the word ‘Chasing’ it was followed by ‘Cars’. Lets waste time, Chasing Cars….. to be fair he nailed it on the organ, good skilllszzzzzzzz 🙂 A break in the weather and we found some stunning light !
Erm, I like the symmetry ? Just a Bride’s hand, hanging loose, not posed but like I say elsewhere as a Wedding photographer you have to have eyes in the back of your head and be able to move with grace and elegance through walls, bushes and crowds and travel at SuperSonic speed to get the shot ! I am getting silly now but its a very nice ring !

Simply a curl – for me the details are as important as the big picture, a simple black and white image that, to me, shows the beauty of a Bride on her Wedding day. What more can I say, its a cup of flowers – a superb spring wedding. That dress again, it was just fantastic how it flowed with movement – a different aspect of the ‘First Dance’ A bride often spends alot of time choosing her shoes – I just loved these, so different ! The groom looks on nervously as the Best Man’s speech happens ! Its the first dance and the Bride and Groom are shaking their thang ! So to kids and babies. This little lady is so adorable, I am photographing her Mum and Dad’s wedding in 2011 and can’t wait. I often say that I do not use a studio and all my work takes place ‘on Location’ this image is a prime example and was taken on the sofa at the family home. Obviously my tricks for holding the babies attention will forever remain my secret but there is no posing going on and baby can do what he or she wants. I think this is actually my favourite image of 2010 and trust me when I say as a print at 30×20″ + large frame it looks amazing ! This little lady was so good, I was photographing her little brother as the commission but I never like to leave anyone out. Little man had recently become VERY mobile so we also had to use some different tactics to get his attention. It worked and the family were beyond delighted with the results ! This image was taken at a Christening and is totally un-staged, again like many of the Wedding images its part of my job to anticipate what is going to happen where and exploit the light to create the image. There is a story behind this image, I had an idea for a shoot but didn’t have the model to do the shoot with, I knew exactly the style, locations and look I wanted to achieve but this shoot was on hold until I found the right model. I actually visited the hairdressers and there she was, Rachel had recently had a very sharp fringe cut in and she was perfect for what I had in mind. It turned out we had mutual friends on Facebook so I tentatively contacted her to see if she was interested in collaborating with me to create the images I wanted.

As you can see the shoot went well and I got the photographs I had in my mind – a short time after Rachel seeing the images I had a message from her, asking me out for a drink – the rest as they say is history and Rachel and I are now together, ahhhhhh, don’t you just love happy endings ! Early in 2010 I was asked if I would be up for hosting a Workshop for amateur photographers, it was to be based in a Bunkbarn deep in the Yorkshire Dales and would have groups for Landscapes, Wildlife and People/Portraits, this is the section I was hosting. Obviously I needed models and Rebecca was one of the people that very kindly volunteered with her son Justin. you can see the images from the two days here with both families.
My background in recent years has been in the Hairdressing industry and it is always exciting when the forecasts come through for the new seasons trends. This image was taken at the Wella Studio in Manchester for Trend Vision 2010. I find this image very powerful, it was taken at the Christening of a very special little girl who has beaten all the odds to get this far. It was taken at the font and I just love the mixture of old and young and the fact her little shoe has fallen off ! Photographing kids is so much fun, I always photograph them in their own environment so they are relaxed and know the territory – this one is a little tinker and didn’t stop laughing, so happy and smiley ! Rachel has become my favourite model, of course I have to say that as she is my girlfriend 😉 this image was taken during a collaborative shoot with Beauty Simply and Katie Simpson from the Shelley Knowles Hair Salon in Kendal. Many thanks to the Rothay Manor hotel in Ambleside. Full story here. Here we have a young Rugby player, well he is a kid that likes rugby and is seemingly very good at it. I was trying to achieve a look I remember seeing somewhere of another Rugby player, I can’t remember if it was an Adidas, or Guinness campaign, nor can I find the image that inspired me, what I do know though is that it came out just as I wanted it to and in the context of the rest of the set it works really well. I would like to recreate this image every year – I must speak to his folks ! Its Rachy again, as a photographer, especially a Wedding photographer it is important to practice your craft as of often as possible, something else that is vital is that you can work fast. This is a one light set up, if anything it is a bit bright but seeing as we were out of the car less than 2 minutes its goes to show what can be done at speed. Obviously at a Wedding I would have turned the power down a bit but we were cold and had achieved the goal. What can I say, I just love this image ! Near a tree by a river there’s a hole in the ground, where an old man of Aran goes around and around and his mind is a beaconin the veil of the night for a strange kind of fashion there’s a wrong and a right but he’ll never, never fight over you
…………………………...Nik Kershaw, live and unplugged on his ‘No Frills’ tour at Bootleggers Bar in Kendal. I have shot a few gigs at ‘Booties’ this year but Nik Kershaw was fantastic, I worked with Chris Edgar of Balance Pro Audio to get a pleasing ambient light to work with that suited the artist, myself and the music and ended up with some lovely images of Nik + a signed CD thanking me for taking the photographs. I have to say I was pretty damn chuffed as I love his music ! Bit of a dude, a great sport and loved his starring role, even though his little sister was like a Tasmanian Devil around him – fun, fun, fun ! I believe that when photographing children its important to let their personalities flood out, they have to be themselves, otherwise you will get forced smiles, unnatural poses and in reality images that do not really reflect who that child is, as you can see this little fella has a very strong personality and I had a great time shooting him and his brothers ! Sometimes, children don’t want their picture taking, to be honest that isn’t a problem, as a photographer I just have to work differently, she is a little love but does not like the camera. I have to create images if I am commissioned to do so, kids sometimes don’t cooperate so I try and think differently, when I saw the moon I wanted to use it, when our little subject sat down with a sigh the image was there with no intervention from me.

It is most important to know your camera inside out and back to front so that settings can be changed without thought, without looking. I spend most of my days telling myself settings I would use in any given situation, f8, f5.6, f2.8, what shutter speed would give me the most effective exposure at any given f stop and so it goes on, I guess I am just a bit weird ! Just laughter but I included this image to show that everyday garden objects can create some wonderful backdrops ! We have met this chap before, it goes to show though, get the light right and it makes the image ! Ooooppps, when I suggested this little fella splashed in the puddle I didn’t realise just how deep it was going to be, we both had a laugh though ! Such a great little guy, so well behaved and interested in what I was doing, if I remember rightly he was trying to see my eye by looking right into my lens 😉 I think this image speaks for itself, tattoo is babies name and I love the image ! These next few images were taken during my 3 days with 2Para on exercise. ( I splashed as well, I had to try and keep up ! ) Simulated CASEVAC ( Casualty Evacuation ) in the most amazing RAF Puma the lads had carried the casualty for over a mile at this point and he looked heavy ! I didn’t often get in front of them so there are lots of ‘arty’ images like this, I was focussed on the Blood Group, it becomes very real that that little badge may one day save this soldiers life. These guys are hardcore, on the way to the RAF Puma with the casualty. When you take into account that the body armour alone weighs nearly 40 pounds – I know I was also wearing it ! Just using the same techniques as the dance floor shot, way back up top ^^^^ Now, I don’t really like guns but these are real bullets, big bloody bullets and the ones with the Red tip look really pretty when they come out of the gun 🙂 If you have every heard of ‘Tracer Fire’ the pretty Red bullets are Tracer !

I was behind but nearly alongside the guys here, accompanied at all times by a ‘Safety Guy’ to ensure I didn’t venture anywhere I shouldn’t. I didn’t need telling where not to go, trust me, I was always behind the guns ! So, there we have it – in a nutshell that was 2010. If you have made it this far well done and if you can muster the energy I would love you to hit any of the share buttons, I have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all you need to do is click one or all and of course feel free to leave me a comment if you like the work.

So, as its Christmas, here is a Robin ! All the best everyone and thanks for looking.

  • Simon - December 23, 2010 - 2:58 am

    Great work Ian … look forward to seeing your work next year … and who knows maybe shoot your wedding 😉

  • Colin - December 23, 2010 - 11:13 pm

    Some outstanding work there Ian that combines your technical ability and your obvious passion. I hope 2011 is good for you and your business!

  • Ally Byrom - December 27, 2010 - 6:24 pm

    Stunning collection of images Ian

  • Alex Bright - December 29, 2010 - 5:40 pm

    Love it – some amazing shots you have there

  • Ian - December 31, 2010 - 4:31 pm

    Great stuff Ian. Happy New Year – I’m sure 2011 will be even better!

  • Yvonne - January 8, 2011 - 5:15 am

    An amazing year in images Ian, hope 2011 is even better though I am not quie sure how this lot can be topped.

  • Claire - December 19, 2011 - 2:45 pm

    I really enjoyed that Ian, some lovely shots and some shots with clear emotion.

  • admin - December 19, 2011 - 2:47 pm

    Thank you Claire, lets hope I can make the 2011 review work as well!

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