More Children Portraits

Yesterday I ventured down to the Fylde coast to take some pictures for a lovely family, my brief was to take photographs of the little man who is about one and the sisters who are eight and nine.

First things first, a nice cup of tea and a chat about the clothes, we would be shooting indoors today as the weather was very hit and miss + the light was lovely in the house so it would be silly to go getting cold and wet when we could be warm with nice light !

With all little ones it takes time for them to adjust to a stranger in the house and for me it is important to give them this time to get used to me, afterall I would soon be pointing a camera at him which can be quite intimidating, so we started to do some shots with the girls while little man watched and soon he wanted to get in on the action – see what I did there, genius !

I also think that is important to have regular breaks to let your subjects have a drink and a snack, plus I had also spotted the very nice coffee machine, so while the kids had a snack the adults had a very, very nice coffee !

We moved around a lot and kept everything moving at a good pace so the kids didn’t get bored, even gave Dad a lesson in how to use his camera more effectively, so everyone happy and the shots in the bag it was time to go. Really chuffed with the images – I hope the family will be as well !

And those two little teeth – so cute !

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  • Jo Blackwell - November 5, 2010 - 12:55 am

    Just gorgeous – love the colouring on the first one especially.

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