Fourth in the series – bloody four, Fredster is four!

It is still sinking in that four years ago this little tinker came into the world a little early and started to melt the hearts of everyone that met him. His fourth year has been as amazing as the previous ones and seen Freddie start his nursery proper and thrive with his little class buddies, it almost seems unreal that we have made the application for school, its all feeling far too grown up!

Like all parents there is never a day goes by when we are not proud as punch at something he does or says, loads of time spent with both families and he is really looking forward to his birthday party – we are also excited because he is!

Big school this year, we have placed our choices and await to see if we have been successful, it is going to be very hard leaving Kendal nursery School, Brantfield. Brantfield is such an amazing place and in its 70th year, Friends of Brantfield have lots and lots going on as well to celebrate so if you are local, keep an eye out for lots of events this year!

So, fun all the way with grandparents and cousins, aunties and uncles, from Strawberry fields to beaches in Cornwall, walks in the Lakes and scootering along the promenade, Paw Patrol to Rescue-Bots this boy has had a great year!

Previous editions, from being born to age 3….

“Its a boy” — “From first breaths to first shoes” — “Oh how time flies, Freddie is two” — “Three, freeeee, treeeeee, 3 Freddie is three”

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Family photography in the Lake District out Strawberry Picking Family photography in the Lake District Family photography on the beach near the Lake District. Family photography in the Lake District, boys digging on the beach. Family photography in Kendal. Family photography in the Lake District - cousins Children photography in the Kendal. Children and Family photography in Kendal. Father Christmas on loud speaker, snow falling outside and then from somewhere above a jingle of bells – he nearly peed!
2016 Freddie Sledging-13 2016 Freddie Sledging-31You can tell which is daddy’s camera eye!

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