Three, freeeee, treeeee – 3, Freddie is THREE!

Seriously, how did three years happen, it only seems like yesterday that we were sat in Lancaster Royal, awaiting our turn in theatre!

If you are new to this blog then Freddie’s story has been told from pretty much the first time we realised that Rachel was expecting…..‘Its a Boy’, ‘From first breaths to first shoes’ and ‘Oh how time flies’ – these tend to be blog posts with little narrative, other than the images that show how our little magical boy develops.

Lots of fun had in his 3rd year, we have certainly made the most of our National Trust membership, with regular visits to Wray Castle, Fell Foot and Sizergh Castle, leaf throwing, ice skidding, water splashing, fish and chips and chilling by the lake. I think we will get through his National Trust logbook long before he is eleven!

Freddie has now pretty much nailed the potty training and is loving nursery, everything is an adventure made even better if it involves, Lightning McQueen, tractors, trains, buses or ‘Mini Cars’ and recently shouting ‘NO WAY’ when trying to persuade him to eat anything that isn’t cake, or brushing his pearly white teeth!

He is everything we could have possibly dreamed of and more, makes people smile, is beautifully polite when he wants to be and a little horror when you least expect it – there is always a wry smile though, from the very early days we said he had a lovely sense of humour.

Right, I will let the pictures talk, they are in no particular order, just taken between his birthday last year and his birthday this year, so a year in the life of a Freddie!

I hope you enjoy.

Dedicated to Bernard, Freddie’s Great Grandad who we lost this year and who doted on his great grandchildren – he is missed but certainly not forgotton.

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  • Pat Kearns - February 3, 2015 - 2:57 pm

    Ian , Rachel and Freddie. The blog and photos are so beautiful. It has brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing year he has had. Dedicating the blog to Dad was so touching. Thank you both of you for giving us a wonderful little grandson. Freddie. You are an amazing little boy and you will achieve so much in your life time. Lots of love to the three of you. Lots of love From us all. xxxx

  • David Walkerdine - February 4, 2015 - 9:25 am

    3 years? Wow where did that go? I love these Woody, a really special selection of pictures, but my favourite is the one of you and Freddy and your mum, you have a look on your face like “just don’t drop the camera”

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