More Couture Millinery by Tracy Wells

Some of the readers of this blog may have seen Tracy’s work before, you can find it here Tracy got back in touch with a new range, for children, including some really beautiful Harris Tweed hats and clutch bags. Also some fantastic fascinators and hats for grown ups!

Considering the big scary studio environment the children were awesome, more to the point they had fun and pushed back, or in real terms I get them exactly where I wanted them, can’t beat acting the goat sometimes, yup they were laughing at me!

We decided to use some dedicated studio space this time, making the logistics of hats and models much, much easier, it also meant the very talented Helen Townson of Definitions mobile beauty had great airy light space to work in – oh and the studio has Apple TV so tunes can airplay to the mahooooosive sound system 🙂

Zed Studio in the fantastic ‘The Factory‘ development in Kendal were really accommodating with Ben on hand moving lights and ensuring everything was working correctly, also taking plenty of behind the scenes images for the new studio website, coffee on tap, outfits hung properly, a fantastic facility – just perfect.

Next stop another Ascot collection for Tracy’s Windsor retailers, Tracy mentioned an impressive number of her designs in the Royal box at Ascot last year, hoping for more this year, she deserves all the success.

Behind the scenes: Ian Wood working at Zed Studio…..

Hats: Tracy Wells
MUA: Helen Townson
Pics: Me 🙂
Studio: Zed Studio





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