Limited Edition | Little Shoots 2014 a retrospective.

Never work with children or animals, they say………….

Utter rubbish, I love working with children and animals and Limited Edition | Little Shoots have now proven themselves as a fantastic platform for beautiful portraits of your children and dogs. Short, sweet and with minimal parental intervention, fun is had by all and 2014 has seen some great new locations added to the product.

From all four seasons in the woodland, to Summer on the beach and Spring and Summer by the river, some families return to ‘collect ’em all’ which of course is simply wonderful, seeing the little folk grow and get more and more confident is brilliant.

More big plans for 2015’s sessions, new locations and more ‘Limited Edition | Little Shoots – parties’ organised by parents. Below are some of my favourite images from the 2014 sessions, if you would like to be amongst the first to hear about new dates then please sign up to the mailing list, new dates are always announced first via email, simply CLICK HERE. You can find more information about Limited Edition | Little Shoots on the website HERE.

I do hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I did taking them – it really was great fun and the support I have had and continue to have for the LELS product is simply amazing….

Thank You 🙂



Limited Edition | Little Shoots - Ian Wood Photography webres LELSS Benson Family-24 2014 LELS FB Clare Coxon-21

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