Low Wood Bay wedding for Samantha and Andrew

It is always great to arrive at the Brides house for the bridal preparations on the morning of the wedding, and it was no different on Samantha and Andrew’s wedding morning. I had observed the nip in the air upon leaving my house and it was great to see the snow still on the tops looking back into the Lakes, it was going to be a great day.

Hair and make-got underway, pastries were shared and Champagne was opened, there was a really great buzz in the house, it seemed like no time at all until it was time for Samantha to be put in her wedding gown. At this time in the morning the sense of anticipation is almost visible in the air, the level of excitement rises and the smiles get bigger and bigger.

It was now time for me to depart to the church and capture images of Andrew and the boys, also the guests arriving at church and to introduce myself to the officient, for me to get instructions as to what I can and can’t do. In this case The Revd Angela Whittaker was great and my usual approach was perfectly acceptable to her, although an eyebrow was raised in my direction at one point during a prayer, while somewhere in church a camera was on burst mode, of course my cameras were down by my side, so that was a guest being naughty! 😉

A really lovely service in a great little church, wow that ‘breeze’ was brisk when I reversed out of the doors in front of the newly married Samantha and Andrew though. We had already decided that the formal photographs would be captured at the Low Wood Bay and I was excited at using the amazing backdrop of the Langdales with their snowy hats but first – confetti……

When it is cold and breezy people quite rightly want to get to the warmth quickly, a decent breeze also causes issues when many of the guests are wanting to throw confetti – experience tells me that if the situation is not managed correctly then the confetti ends up everywhere and anywhere except where it needs to be, so arrange I did – perfect!

In the back of my  head I was a little worried that the Langdales might be ‘clagged in’ so breathed a sigh of relief as I drove towards Kendal, high up I could see right into the Lakes and it looked magnificent, radio on, take on water and look forward to seeing my friends at the Low Wood.

It was actually very mild down by the Lake and I thoroughly enjoyed the family formals, I love this part of a wedding, creating images that will be treasured for generations to come, a real reference point of social and family history. Following the formals I always like to have some time alone creating statement portraits for the Bride and Groom.

All done and delivered back to to the team at the Low Wood to be seated in good time for the meal, I was told many years ago – “Ian, never, ever, ever keep chef waiting’ and it is something that I always respect! Eveyone had a fabulous wedding breakfast and the speeches were great, some fabulous shots for the album!

Evening guests started to arrive and I don’t think I have ever seen the Low Wood bay so full, DJ Aldini was in his element! I was keeping half an eye out and my fingers crossed for a sunset, Samantha and Andrew had been primed that I may grab them at any point and our sunset arrived, we made a dash down to the Lake and caught the last shafts of Spring sun.

Wishing Samantha and Andrew all the very, very best for their future together and once again it was brilliant to work with fellow wedding professionals, Katie Dale, Helen Townson, Nigel Bowman and The Low Wood Bay. If you would like to chat about the wedding photography for your wedding day, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Photograph in Black and White of a make-up artist applying wedding make-up. Wedding gown being fastened by mother of the bride, photograph in black and white. Black and white photograph of a wedding at St Stephen Bride and Groom at alter, child in frame, photograph in black and white. A black and white photograph of confetti being thrown over a Bride and Groom leaving St Stephens church, New Hutton. A lovely image taken outside the Low Wood BAy hotel during a wedding, looking towards the snow covered peaks of the Langdale Pikes.

A stunning wedding photograph taken at the Low Wood Bay hotel.

Sunsets over the Langdales and Windermere, taken from the Low Wood, Bride and Groom in foreground. A silhouette taken during the evening reception at a Low Wood Bay wedding.

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