Wedding photography competition.

So, here you are, thank you for dropping by and welcome to my blog, this particular blog post is all about a giveaway, in fact I am giving away £1250 worth of wedding photography – which I have to say scares me a little and has got me in trouble with Rachy 😉

Let me tell you all about it, its not really all that complicated but will require a little bit of effort from those that wish to be in with a chance of winning one of the 5 sets of £250 off your wedding photography vouchers.

Initially it was going to be a ‘win your wedding photography’ but had I have done that only one couple would have benefitted and as I make my living from wedding photography I would have had to restrict the dates, so I came up with this promotion instead.

Any date is eligible and 5 couples will win.

Voucher sets, one to four (£250 x 4):

This is easy all you need to do is ‘Like’ the Ian Wood Photography Facebook page and share it with your friends, also encourage your friends to share it as well, if you click HERE it will take you there, there will be 4 couples pulled from my very stylish ‘Stetson’ cap by someone independent, that is yet to be decided but will be totally fair and witnessed.

Your friends can also enter on your behalf, all they have to do is enter in the same manner, although only 1 email address per entry will be accepted, feel free to share this blog post with them as long as the details match up as follows, wedding date, wedding venue/s etc.

Don’t forget to ‘Like’ the Ian Wood Photography Facebook page and keep on sharing it!


What you have to do now:

At the top left of this blog post you will see the Facebook ‘Like’ button, please click it.

Scroll down to the comments box below, please fill in the details as requested I would also like to know the following details which should be entered into the comments box:

Your wedding date:

Your Wedding venue/s:

Why you would love to win the £250 voucher off your wedding photography:

Why you would like Ian Wood to photograph your wedding:

Voucher set 5:

This will be drawn in the Raffle at the Low Wood Bay Wedding show with Frothimoon on the 27th January 2013, all you have to do is turn up, it is in my opinion the best Wedding Show in the Lake District with quality suppliers through and through. Visit the show and the raffle will be drawn at some point during the day (I will update this post when I have the itinerary).


Terms & Conditions

Obviously there has to be some rules, I am not a rule kind of person though so will keep it pretty short and sensible.

1. £250 off only applies to full day collections and the £250 will be deducted from the original advertised price of £1650, everything else is identical to the full day collection advertised on my website HERE. Should your wedding be a short coverage day then a compromise will be reached but £250 will NOT be deducted.

2. Sets 1-4 will be drawn on the last day of January 2013, Thursday 31st and announced on Friday 1st February on this blog post. Following the announcement contracts must be signed and a 35% booking fee must be made within 2 weeks for the discount to apply.

3. As previously stated £250 will be taken off the advertised price for the same product, should the wedding take place outside of 50 miles of LA9 then travel and expenses will be quoted for.

4. There will be no cash alternative, should Ian Wood not be available on your wedding date then your ‘winning’ entry may be exchanged for a family/baby/children/dog shoot at a later date and the £250 wedding vouchers re-drawn.

5. Facebook is in no way associated with this competition, it is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or associated with this competition, all draws will take place via entries in the comments section of the Ian Wood Photography blog, sharing of the competition via Facebook and ‘liking’ of a page will not influence entries.

6. All terms and conditions of the wedding contract will be discussed with winners at the time of booking, all weddings must take place before the end of 2013, although every wedding will be discussed on its merits and 2014 is not out of the question.

7. Existing clients, you will not lose out, please feel free to enter, even if you have booked your wedding, original contract will still apply but you will receive a framed print of your choice from your wedding to roughly the same value. If you book your wedding with Ian Wood Photography between the competition launch date (13th January 2013) and the closing date (31st January 2013) and you go on to win then the prize your final account balance will be altered accordingly and confirmed in writing to accompany the wedding contract.

8. Its all getting a bit serious, enter, you may win, it will be as fair as possible but I will endeavour to help out anybody that does not win, win, that way we can all be winners.

9. Winners will be notified as soon after the draw as possible and a meeting arranged with a view to booking your date in the wedding diary.

10. A further offer will be made to every entrant should they not be winners, this offer will be emailed directly to the entrants email address.

11. *VERY IMPORTANT* While ‘Lol’ and ‘Lmfao’ are acceptable, text speak will be frowned upon in the comments / entry  box and depending on the severity of the infringement may lead to disqualification 😉

12. I don’t think we need a 12 really……………………………….


Good Luck.



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