Neil and Jenn Engagement

When a client is booking Ian Wood Photography for their wedding I always try and offer a an engagement photo-shoot session, this is also sometimes referred to as a pre-wedding photo-shoot. It gives us a chance to go through more details of the wedding plans, drink nice coffee (I will often try and make the meeting place at a coffee house) and capture some images for a ‘signature mount’.

Jennifer and Neil chose to utilise the session on a hot Summer’s day (yes we did get a couple) back in May, I also gave them the option of bringing the children along if they wished – we had a fantastic 2 hour walk, really great kids and got the details of the wedding in September sorted, we did actually still meet for a beer and went through the absolute final details about 2 weeks before the wedding 🙂

I also took the opportunity of taking some individual portraits of the children, just being children – its a nice feeling when, while writing I smile as I recall details of the day, that is why I love my job, I actually went to school with Neil so it was also great to catch up on who we are still in touch with – we really must get a ‘proper’ reunion sorted at some point!

OK, we are now in October and I am only just blogging shoots from May – you just know, dear reader you will be bombarded in the next few weeks, with lots of stories of nice people, lovely photo-shoots and weddings.

If you would like to talk about the photography for your wedding please do not hesitate to get in touch, a chat costs nothing and I would be delighted to show you through some ‘full’ weddings and generally help and advise if required.

You can get in touch by using the contact form, or perhaps send a message on my Facebook business page – maybe just give me a call, always best on my mobile: 07968 791 584.


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This is the mock up of how the signature mount looked when I sent it to Neil and Jenn for approval, it is now back to me following the wedding and at the framers waiting to be framed, lots of lovely message of good luck to them.

An image to illustrate how a signature mount looks, as shown to the client for approval.

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