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Anyone visiting my new look website may have seen a new product named simply 13 | thirteen, with the not particularly nifty catch line…..

13 | thirteen

Its after 12 and before 14, a child becomes a teen.  

A landmark age, in your children’s lives, mood changes should be no surprise

Childhood toys are no longer cool, music and fashion make your teen drool. 

A time to cherish, to be embraced, and record the innocence of the young teens face.

I will capture images for your thirteen, natural and as they are – on location, products to love and cherish for generations to come.

Ok humour me on that one, I am no poet but try to be original!

So, Saskia, her mum contacted me shortly after the product was launched to book in Saskia for her 13 | thirteen birthday shoot, some of her friends had also been bought a photoshoot for their 13th birthdays but these were done elsewhere and were studio based, so the 13 | thirteen product from Ian Wood Photography was very different and of course being entirely on location means no two shoots will ever be the same. So if any of her friends book in the images will be shot in a different place, with different weather, season, everything – totally bespoke and original!

We started as most shoots do with a good cup of tea and a whizz through some previous shoots on the iPad, Saskia had chosen some outfits and between us we came up with some looks and we began! In reality I didn’t do any choosing, it was all down to Saskia, it was her birthday and who am I to advise a thirteen year old girl what to wear, old fart that I am 🙂

We started the shoot around the house, changing outfits for differing looks and then moved out to shoot some images outdoors – we had a great time, I even managed to fit in a mini photography lesson for Saskia’s mum!

We used a few outdoor locations but being January it was properly freezing and as we were around the Kent Estuary with the tide coming in the wind was howling up the valley and it was biting. We called it a wrap and all are delighted with the images taken on the day.

If you would like to find out more about the 13 | thirteen product just click on the poem and feel free to use the contact form to chat further.

You can also follow Ian Wood Photography on Facebook, if you would like to get in touch please do so by calling 01539 738846 | 07968 791584, email or use the contact form. It would be great for you to look at other posts on the blog, I am especially proud of this one, charting the pregnancy and birth of our son Freddie.

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A photoshoot for a boy or girl as a 13th birthday present. A great gift idea for teenagers is to have a photoshoot, they choose the clothes and the location! Black and white portrait of teenage girl. Black and white portrait using off camera flash for a dramatic fashion look Black and White image of a teenage girl with a hat on with her hair blowing in the wind.



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