Chris and Chloe’s awesome motorcycle adventure……….

I photographed Chris and Chloe’s Wedding in July last year but our journey began much earlier when we first met at the Low Wood Bay Wedding show. Chris and Chloe are not from the Lake District but spend a lot of their time up here and that weekend they were looking at Lake District wedding photographers and Lake district wedding venues.

We hit it off straight away and they are a fabulous couple that I would like to now call friends.

It was sometime later I had seen on Facebook that they had both taken their motorcycle tests, it was only when we met to deliver the Queensberry Wedding Album did the full extent of their plans become clear………………..

Now, I like motorbikes, I always have done and have achieved my ambition of racing a motorbike competitively, well it was a race and I was semi-competitive ūüôā that is nothing to what these guys are doing though. When I heard the plans I was flabbergasted, I was also blown away at the level of planning that had gone into their dream journey.¬†I will stop rambling but please do read and bookmark their blog, this is going to be one hell of an adventure.

‘Thus, an idea had formed. We began our¬†preparations by¬†booking a cargo ship that will¬†be setting sail from London¬†in late August, headed for Buenos Aires in Argentina‚Ķ the long road up to Vancouver lying ahead.’¬†

Now if you take a look at a map, firstly London to Argentina, on a cargo ship is a long way, now look again at that map and check out Buenos Aries to Vancouver – wishing you all the best wishes in the world, you are going to have the time of your lives and I for one will be watching your progress with keen interest – you guys rock !

Chris and Chloe’s Blog can be found on the link above or HERE please do bookmark it and send them your good wishes and if you missed the blog post from their wedding it can be found here.

All the best guys, Ian, Rachy and baby bump xxx








  • Lesley Chalmers - September 2, 2011 - 8:04 am

    That sounds wonderful – am SO going to follow their blog…and great to see that shot of yours again – it’s one of my all time favourite wedding images!

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