Cumbria VAG, Heaves Hotel

Cumbria VAG is a group of people from Cumbria passionate about cars from the Volkswagen / Audi Group (VAG) and this was the second year they held the event at the most wonderful Heaves Hotel, near Kendal.

Sadly I have not had much time to get involved with the event but was asked after my coverage last year if I would like to judge and present my own prize, to my own criteria – how cool is that!

I arrived just after 8am and shortly after I had parked the queues began, I could tell it was going to be a good event and sure enough as 10am came the field was nearly full, with cars from and visitors both local and as far afield as Scotland and Manchester.

Not only a great attendance but a fantastic variety of vehicles in various state of modification and tune, from the latest Golfs, modified to within an inch of their life to original Split Screen campers vans, beetles – to seriously cool Hot Rod Hybrids.

A great variety of traders, like Nick from Nicks Tee shop, Driven and Ridden and various other traders selling their wares.

Right my prize……

On the flyers it was called ‘Woody’s Fave” and that was about the size of it, although I did have some criteria of my own. Let me make it clear I am in no way a specialist at photographing cars, I photograph people, people have personality, as do dogs and I also photograph dogs – some of course would argue that VW’s have personality 😉

My criteria, well I am interested in people, I like talking to people and hearing their stories, as a Wedding photographer I am also a storyteller, I illustrate in still images important times in peoples lives, be that a Wedding, a Christening, childhood and celebration.

So I was looking for a story, the person that won had to be personable to an unknown person that was wandering around with a big camera, they had to interact and I would ask the questions – they did not know they were being interviewed! Some, well they just weren’t interested, pleasant enough but the conversations soon finished, some, well  they excelled, bearing in mind they had no clue what I was up to !

So, at some point in the future a family from near Barrow, their Beetle, Samba and a couple of their mates will have a shoot, their prize ?

Well, obviously the shoot but they will have a large framed print of the people and cars that are special and that signify a time in their lives that is special, they are great people and from the first thing this morning they had ‘probably’ won – Rachy confirmed it when she visited for an hour.

Well done to all the winners and everyone that organised and attended today, some amazing cars, some, well not my taste but I think the winners were well deserved, a few images below – massive well done to Scott, Stef and the rest of the guys from Cumbria VAG, you pulled it off again, bigger and better and I would be honoured to be involved again.

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