Marie and Gaz Wedding, Comlongon Castle

Comlongon Castle is situated in the South West of Scotland, it is a restored 15th Century Medieval Scottish Castle and has been voted as being in the top ten of the most romantic Wedding locations in the UK by The Independent.

Marie and Gaz are from Kendal but Gaz’s Scottish Clan crest is shown on the ceiling of the Keep in the Castle, so being only just over an hours drive of of Kendal it was their perfect Wedding location.

Gaz and Marie are such a lovely couple and such joy to work with, I was really looking forward to working in a Castle again after photographing Arran and Sarah’s Wedding at Hazlewood Castle earlier in the year.

I really don’t know why I bother to pack my kit bag the night before a Wedding as before every single Wedding and before I walk out of the door I have to go through the process of unpacking and packing everything at least twice – I guess I am just weird 🙂

So, time to leave and sadly the weather was not playing ball in Kendal, I never look at the weather forcast before a Wedding and always advise the Bride and Groom not to bother, as there really is nothing one can do about it, personally I would prefer a moody sky over a bright sunny day but my preferences mean nothing – we get what we are given !

Heading North on the M6 and I was devastated for Marie and Gaz and hoping that when we got to Scotland the weather would at least be normal rain and not the golf ball sized hailstones we were experiencing – I mean it was May, not January !

My prayers were answered and as Rachy and I arrived at the entrance to the castle and drove the mile down its private drive the sky began to brighten, we parked and stepped out onto the gravelled parking area, I have to say the gravel was re-assuringly deep – this place is pure quality !

We were received and shown into the Castle, past some suits of armour and swords on the wall – this place is very cool, next stop was to meet Marie at the suite in which her and Gaz would be staying on their Wedding night, known as the Honeymoon Lodge it is gorgeous and although very modern it fits perfectly with the Castle and grounds, high walls encase it from the outside world and a treat awaits inside.

Soon the Make up artists arrived and set up in the living area of the Honeymoon Lodge, Laura and her assistant from Blusha in Dumfries arrived and set to work, they were true pros and worked effortlessly to make-up the Bridal party while Julie was creating the Wedding hair.

I started to hear Bagpipes, what an amazing sound, although unable to see the piper I could here them, its quite brilliant and kind of surreal to hear the sound of Bagpipes while in a medieval Scottish castle ! I was introduced to the Piper, Lindsay McGregor – what a chap and like everyone else I had met that day so damned friendly. Lindsay is also willing to travel into the Lakes should any future couples wish to have a piper – he is a bloody nice bloke and the sound of the Bagpipes is just wonderful.

Lindsay piped the Groom and the Wedding party to the Keep and I made my way back to the Lodge, where I was introduced to Sandy the Minister that would be conducting the cermony. Now Sandy was also a very nice guy and, like I do everytime I introduced myself and asked about the restrictions for the photographer during the service – there were none – wow, a little bit different to 15 miles away over the border !

Marie and Gaz were married and Lindsay piped them out across the lawn, ready for photographs, I just love the sound of the Bagpipes – brilliant !

It was soon time for the Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, well it was for those that had chosen it, when in Rome and all that – another wow i’m afraid – it was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing, a cosy meal and speeches and then it was party time with a DJ imported all the way from Kendal and who would have known that Gaz was such a ringer for George Micheal, singing for his new wife – just wonderful.

Hopefully I have made him look like the rockstar he surely felt with the microphone and gorgeous wife.

Some guests tucked into the cheese and biscuits, while others danced the night away – my work was done and having had a great day at ‘work’ I packed my bag, Rachy and I said our goodbye’s and we slipped back, un-detected over the Border and into England.

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  • Katrina Fennelly - June 3, 2011 - 7:14 am

    What amazing pictures and what an amazing write up, gave me goose bumps, lovely, can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures, they both look stunning, what an amazing job X

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