Inspired by Lambing Live

BBC TV’s programme Lambing Live is fantastic and this year is being filmed in my home county of Cumbria. Every year I try and get out with the camera and record the seasons somehow, Spring is a great time for Lambs, its quite simple they make you smile so it tends to be lambs, oh and Daffodils in Spring !

An opportunity arose this year for me to go down to the farm – now, I am a Professional, Full Time Wedding photographer first and foremost, I also photograph children and dogs, so I was very excited to be in the farmyard, to be honest it was great to get away from the administration I seem to create for myself !

What a racket, there is bleating and then there was this lot – each little lamb seemed dead happy though, lots of little skips and happy bleats but mischief everywhere ! You know I swear they were smiling at me, lots of little gangs of lambs, creating havoc, you could almost see the despair on their Mothers faces.

It was great to be at the farm and I hope you the viewer like the images, massive thanks to the Cowin’s at Hawkrigg Farm for having me and explaining what was going on – happy animals and a happy photographer. I will hopefully be doing some more soon, so keep an eye out – in the meantime, back to more smiley people, Wedding season is close and I can’t wait !

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