Ebony Lois – Lake Windermere children’s portraits in the Bluebells

Following a wonderful meeting with a potential Bride and Groom in Ambleside to discuss their Lake District Wedding, Rachel and I called in on my brother and his wife. It was wonderful to see the Bluebells out in their garden so we had an impromptu photo-shoot with my niece Ebony.

She is only three and wanted to choose her own dress, stipulated that if she was good got an ice cream and her bear had to be in the photos, phew – not asking much missy !

As a lover of nature it was important to me not to cause any damage to the Bluebells that we were using as our backdrop, where we chose to shoot was very good though because an ancient deer track runs through so lots of little paths and places to shoot without damaging anything.

All Ian Wood Photography’s shoots take place on location so making sure that everything is left as we find it is very important, Ebony was very good, she stayed put, mainly through the fear of being prickled !

Ebony chose a little pink dress for her photo-shoot, to be honest I was happy with that as it was the perfect contrast with the rich greens and of course the gorgeous blue of the Blubells in the woods.

As with my previous blog post on Children’s portraits in the Lake District patience is a must when photographing children, their wellbeing is paramount and if they are not happy we stop, lots of breaks, lots of treats and a couple of helpers never goes a miss either.

We had a lovely afternoon, a lovely lunch and Ebony made a gorgeous little model.

Photographs, well, I know where I got my love of photography from, it was my Grandma, she was never without her camera, to be honest myself, brother and cousins always knew what was coming next as kids – she would spit in her hanky, wipe our mucky faces clean and take a picture. You know what though, we can look back at those photos, see what date and year they were taken, see how cute we were as kids and see what horrors we were dressed in.

More than anything though, they are historical documents, as well as our memories they are almost all that remains of that time of our lives – I would be happy to photograph your family, your children, even the dog. Of course I would also love to photograph your Wedding should you be getting married.

Feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements without obligation.

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Children Portraits in the Lake District Children Portraits in the Lake District Children Portraits in the Lake District Children Portraits in the Lake District Children Portraits in the Lake District


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