Easter Chicks….

Wedding photos, children’s portraits and of course my beloved dogs and lambs – chicks were a new one on me though, in reality the principles are the same, get the light right and make ’em look cute !

I am a photographer and thats what I do, granted I am a ‘People’ or ‘Social’ photographer but it never hurts to get out of one’s comfort zone, some people may have recently seen a model rocket on my Facebook page for example – chicks, motorbikes, aeroplanes – I love to photograph any thing that moves fast.

Obviously there has to be a point to all this and that point is simple – it keeps me on my toes and at the top of my game, ready to anticipate and react to situations, especially at a Wedding.

So we have established that in the past I have photographed motorcycle racing, as a media acredited British Superbike photographer, Fast military jets at low level, dogs, rockets – you name it………then Ducklings came along, oh my word, Gggggggggrease Lightening !

Yes, they were quick, very quick and it was very, nooooooo, actually it was extremely difficult to photograph them, such fun though and I think the results are ‘cute’ enough 🙂

First up are some Chicken chicks, to be fair it was a very bewildered little soul and it cast more than one concerned glance toward the AGA !


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  • samantha - April 19, 2011 - 8:02 am

    Aw, nothing better than baby chicks!

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