Kendal Cumbria Family Portraits

Family portraits in my hometown of Kendal, Cumbria – on a nice Spring Day Kendal is hard to beat, we have so many beautiful locations on our doorstep !

Where some photographers specialise in, erm, well, everything – I try to keep my work on track by specialising in Social Photography, mainly Weddings and Children and of course families. I love photographing the innocence of children, they respond well to the child in me, pulling silly faces and making daft noises, it makes me laugh, it also makes me cry – the sheer emotion when people see the images captured can cause a very happy tear.

When downloading these images my Fiance, Rachel did actually shed a tear, it seems these images evoked such an emotion that I had previously not seen when taking the photographs. Rachel was with me when we captured the images, we all see different things and what I saw was different to what she saw.

I try and anticipate what will happen next, of course to a certain extent I do influence it but largely when photographing children you just have to go with it, what will be, will be, as they say !

Heather and Mark are so lovely, they have 3 children and they invited me to to come and spend some time with them and take some photographs. Upon arrival the little guys were expecting Woody ( of Toy Story fame ) so were a little bemused when Ian Woody the photographer turned up  !

We soon hit it off though and they complied, I have to say these little guys are an absolute credit to Heather and Mark, very polite and witty little chaps !

We had a vague plan, solid plans are never a good idea where kids are involved so went for it, 2 x locations, home and a walk in the park – I had a fantastic time and although it is Spring, an awful lot of Autumn was still around !

If you would like beautiful, natural images of you and your loved ones taken with passion, please do not hesitate to get in touch by using the ‘contact’ form above or by emailing – I am also happy to answer your call on 01539 738846, or 07968 791 584

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  • jayme yates-bell - March 11, 2011 - 1:47 am

    Hi im wanting to get a price from you on how much it would cost for you to take pictures of me and my boys and my sister she has terminal cancer and we have always talked about a portrait or pictures and i fear we may be running out of time if you could let me know i would reall apprieciate it im a friend of heather and mark and also of emma butterworth the pics you have taken of them bring tears to my eye.

    kind regards
    Jayme Yates-Bell

  • admin - March 11, 2011 - 2:32 am

    Jayme – you have an email, I am sure I can help out, so sorry to hear about your sister.

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