Kendal Hairdressers Debonair Website Shoot

Debonair is a Hair Salon in Kendal. They are looking to increase their web presence and are having a new website built by v3 Media in Kendal.

In a former life I actually worked in the Hairdressing industry for over 10 years for superbrand Wella Professionals, spending an awful lot of time ( obviously my old bosses would argue not enough time, sorry guys 🙂 ) in salons around the UK and latterly in the North West of England.

I know my way around a salon and also the salon etiquette , so add in that I am a photographer it was great to be asked by Debbie the salon owner to take the images that will form the visuals for her website. First things first, a brew, all shoots should start with a cup of tea, or coffee but I am a coffee snob and rarely drink instant, so strong, white and no sugar tea for me !

Their will be a staff section on the website so all the girls were ready and really quite nervous about what was to come – perfect.

I say perfect because I love breaking down the barriers, helping people who are terrified of the camera overcome their fear and create images that make them smile, I think the brief was met as the girls all look gorgeous.

Time is always of the essence and Saturday is normally a salon’s busiest day, from my point of view its also the day when all the staff are in and there are lots of busy hands, snipping away, hand dryers buzzing and generally, well everyone is buzzing.

Lots going on to photograph but as I didn’t have time booked out with the staff it was a case of making time – not time to mess around getting the lighting right, it HAD to be right, first time, every time, just like at a Wedding, no faffing around it HAS to be right first time !

Just a couple of images, as obviously the girls want to make a big deal of the website when it goes live, so until that time, one last thought…..

Hair salons are full of mirrors !

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