A new Wedding Album is born.

Its always a wonderful feeling to deliver a Wedding Album to a bride and groom and this one was no different. I first met Chris and Chloe at The Low Wood Bay Wedding Show last year and following a few emails we met up again and they booked me to photograph their Wedding.

This couple actually live in Manchester but our Brides family have had a house in Grasmere for many years so we did the pre-Wedding shoot out the back of Grasmere on a stunning Spring day with the fabulous Lake District mountains as our backdrop.

Images from the Pre-Wedding  photo shoot were chosen for the Signature Board, this is for the guests to sign as a fantastic lasting memory of their Wedding Day and included in all my packages, these are then framed and returned to the Bride and Groom. Some images of the complete Signature board can be seen below, ready for framing.

I often use the strapline………………| personal | professional | passionate | perfect |…….. in my marketing and this is because I feel it reflects some of the elements of my business, for example, each of my Wedding Albums is designed by me, from start to finish in consultation with the Bride and Groom, so it is very……….. | personal |

Chris and Chloe are from a design background so I was actually designing for designers which added a challenge, as anyone coming from an artistic or creative background will know our demands are high ! So I set about the design, using a storytelling technique taught to me by one of, if not the worlds best album designer the Multi award winning – Johannes Van Kan. ( Johannes is also one of the most inspirational people I have ever met )

Using…. | professional | …..album design software I set about the task, mindful that often ‘Less is More’ and that I was appealing to people whose work will still be seen many years from now, I also want my work to stand the test of time and this is a very important consideration when thinking about a product that will hopefully be around long after we are not, so I keep any digital effects and manipulation to an absolute minimum. Fashion changes but great design lives on and simple, solid design will always look good !

On completion of my first draft I upload the album to an on-line partner which allows the viewer to turn the pages, just like a book, it also allows them to make comments on any of the album spreads and allows comments to be made should any slight tweaks be needed, I then get notification of this and can take action on any comments made. Because I design the albums myself any adjustment can be made in a very timely manor and be back online for approval very quickly.

As a photographer I am ….. | passionate | …. about the work I do, from beginning to end, from the first meeting all the way to the final delivery of the Wedding Album and associated products, so it is lovely when the Bride and Groom press the button on the Album Viewing software that informs me, very simply………………..” We LOVE it – go ahead ”

Next the album design files are sent to Queensberry in New Zealand for them to manufacture the album to my specifications, my Signature cover for example is always Black Leather. About six weeks later a lovely parcel awaits me at the office, beautifully packaged the finished album arrives, wow, such a gorgeous Bespoke product.

There is no better feeling than the Bride and Groom opening their album, re-living their day but the absolute icing on the cake is when, through happy tears the Bride looks at you and says….. | perfect |

So there you have it………… | personal | professional | passionate | perfect |

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