Liane Carroll – Bootleggers

I do so like going to Bootleggers Bar in Kendal, I have seen and Photographed some really amazing Bands and Artists in the Bar, like The Quireboys and more recently Nik Kershaw. All sound sorted by the brilliant Chris Edgar.

I was asked if it was possible for me to nip down and photograph Liane Carroll, I didn’t actually know who she was so put her name in google and listened to her on You Tube – I couldn’t get my kit together fast enough !

Liane is a jazz pianist and is a regular at Ronnie Scott’s in London and is also 2 times BBC Jazz Award winner, she is pretty good !

On arrival I recognised Liane from my You Tube viewing earlier in the evening and tried to suss the lie of the land, I find it good manners to introduce myself and establish if there are any do’s and dont’s as far as the artist is concerned, she bought me a pint, all good then !

Supporting Liane was Simeon Musgrave local pianist and my goodness what a show opener, he actually had the the main act Liane in tears with his music, I suspect good things will happen for him !

It was a very small, intimate gig and one which I really, really enjoyed. Keep an eye on the Bootleggers Gig Guide if you don’t already they really do have some Gems playing in there !

Artists in order of appearance, Simeon Musgrave, then Liane Carroll.

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