Wow, a fantastic Wedding !

I have not known Abby and Rin for long but as Abby is a fellow Wedding supplier we have got to know each other and of course Hubby to be, Rin. They had already booked a Wedding photographer, so its the first Wedding I have been to as a guest in a very long time, wow, we arrived as the meal was being finished and the sun was rounding out of sight – what a place, what a view – what a stunning Bride.

An amazing look, wow, check out the shoes, Dress and Fascinator – so cool !

It was great to catch up with some folk I had not seen in a very long time and have a beer, taking in the atmosphere of a Wedding on the Lake Side – just gorgeous and it was brilliant to see the dogs running around and having fun. We had a really great time and of course I did take some photographs !

I love what Abby does and really believe that any Bride will benefit from her help and advice – if you are soon to be a Bride, please do have a look at her site, Abby Harman | Bridal Health and Beauty.

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