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Well, Prom time is upon us and a little walk into town this evening saw a few Limos lapping, taking their teenage Prom Kings and Queens to the Ball. What an exciting time in a teenagers life and talking to my favourite Bridal shop, Frothimoon they say that Prom is massive and getting bigger each year it seems the shear preparation that goes into this one evening is very like planning a Wedding – I do love a Wedding !

Last year I had an idea, as it is such a big night and most of the girls actually buy their dresses to treasure, why not design a session to show off that dress in all its glory – but not at the Prom !

Post-Prom is designed to provide a lasting memory of this fantastic time in a young adults life, incorporating a lifestyle shoot on location then into the Prom Dress to create some fashion styled portraits. This shoot really is about fun and helping to give confidence, suitable for male and female, Girlfriend and Boyfriend in fact why not get the family in on it. An individual shoot for the Teen then some with the Family maybe – honestly the choice is yours !

What I aim to achieve from your shoot is fun and laughter and of course a consultation is available before the shoot to put the subject at ease, Hair and Make-Up is available if required and will be quoted upon request. If you have a favourite place in mind lets talk about it, if you would like me to source the location tell me your thoughts and I will endeavour to come up with the perfect location.

Please feel free to use the Contact Form to find out more about Prom shoots or Post Prom shoots.

Below are some images I took of Helen last year when I had this idea, with her Mum on hand to adjust the look Helen took her first steps in front of the camera, Helen had never done anything like this before and really enjoyed her shoot. I must also add that most location shoots start in the Coffee Shop and yes, I do buy the Cake !

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A portrait photograph of a teenage girl by Ian Wood Photography This is a beauty portrait before a prom photoshoot by Ian Wood Photography

Prom photos by Ian Wood Photography Ian Wood Photography takes Prom Portraits in the Lake District Prom photograph of a teenage girl ready for her Prom

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