Make that LARGE !

This image has touched many people since I took it, it is on the BLOG and I have had alot of people comment on how it has moved them.

I took this image at a Christening I was covering, I was in the right place at the right moment and at that moment there was a connection, a bond made, a helpless child held so securely and yet so gently. She had lost a shoe, it didn’t matter whats more important is that this little girl had won the battle.

I loved the contrast of the White Gown and the Vicar’s old hands, I loved everything about the image – it moved me when I downloaded the initial file.

So, as I am compiling some new sales samples I uploaded the image to the lab and chose a size ( Umm, it seems us men always get our sizes muddled up ) , a phonecall from the lab made it all worth while though – ” Ian, it is big, it is gorgeous, its on its way”  They were not wrong, it is stunning, and its also 30 inches wide, iPhone placed to give some idea of scale.

So it will now go off to be framed, I am thinking of  Traditional yet Contemporary, Old meets New, a very wide Gloss Black Moulding, perhaps a double mount, not sure yet, I am just going to look at it for a while. Either way, once framed its going to be enormous – its extravagant, its beautiful and it needs to be shown off.

I am very proud, photographs should be displayed, afterall thats why we take them, as good as an image looks in a Digital Photo Frame, in my opinion a well printed, professionally framed photograph is timeless, I use carefully researched craftsmen to finish my products, I know that each image is looked at by human, not robotic eyes. They use materials that they have carefully researched and the quality of the finished article is just exquisite !

  • Mary Ashford - May 29, 2010 - 12:47 am

    Hi Ian – this is a great image, beautifully shot – love it.
    M ;o)

  • Joanna Ellis - May 29, 2010 - 5:45 pm

    Oh Ian, it’s lovely! You’re sooooo great at what you do! Where will it be displayed?? X

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